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We go the extra mile to bring you products that are true to nature. Products that are unique and that inspire you. We currently have the following products under our portfolio for distribution. Please contact us at for more information on how to purchase.

Linking a brand with a scent
Scent branding is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. It is the art of taking a company’s brand identity, marketing messages, target audience and matching these with a fragrance that amplifies these branding aspects.

This can become highly effective in environments where other sensory triggers, such as the use of lighting, sound and luxurious surroundings combine as brands can establish a longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers.
Seóra Luxury Hammocks
Award winning La Seora designed by architect Anthony Logothetis was inspired in Miami with the fusion of the American and Latin cultures in the city. A hybrid between a hammock, a chez-long and a deck lounger, La Seora is an iconic lifestyle brand with cutting edge design and style.

Carefully handcrafted one by one in the provinces of Milan, we have chosen leading manufacturers in the industry with particular attention to detail and care. Using premium quality materials and refined Italian craftsmanship our international patented design offers superior comfort for the ultimate luxury hammock experience.
Cocoon Tree
Cocoon Tree is the coziest accommodation you could have on the island and is designed to provide maximum comfort.

The Cocoon Tree bed is 3 meters in diameter and accommodates two people very comfortably or even a couple and two children

It features a high quality mattress and custom made duvet tailored tor exceptional comfort. Sheltered snugly from the elements by Cocoon Tree's robust water-proof outer skin, while also being well ventilated for warm weather conditions. Mosquito screens are strategically fitted to complete the seal.
Caffé Vergnano
A company with a long and prestigious history, Caffè Vergnano was founded way back in 1882. The company began as a small grocer's shop in Chieri, a small town at the foot of the Turin hills, set up by the grandfather of the current owners of the company, Domenico Vergnano.

Espresso 1882 capsules for Nespresso machines come in the following blends CREMOSO, DECAF, ARABICA, INTENSO, LUNGO INTENSO. Èspresso®1882 capsules are biodegradable but not compostable; they should be treated as non-recyclable waste.
L'OCCITANE - A Comprehensive Range of amenities for demanding hotel clients.

L’OCCITANE’s amenities are aimed at the most prestigious establishments worldwide, outstanding 4 and 5 Star hotels and exceptional guest houses.

Our products are exactly the same as those we retail through our worldwide network of boutiques, with formulas composed of natural ingredients both paraben-free and tested under strict dermatological controls.

L’OCCITANE’s amenities capture the essence of Provence to offer your guests a true voyage of the senses through the richness of their formulas and fragrances, the delicacy of their textures, and their inspiring packaging.
Megacatch - The Ultimate Mosquito Trap
Spraying to control mosquitos
One of the most commonly used mosquito insecticides in spraying is permethrin, a synthetic form of a natural pesticide made from the chrysanthemum plant. It kills mosquitoes by disrupting their central nervous systems.

1. Poisons such as permethrin are also toxic to fish, honeybees and other unintended targets.

2. Overuse of pesticides has caused some mosquitoes to develop a resistance. And three, the idea of poisons drifting through the air scares people